Social Media Marketing: How start-ups with limited budget can make the most of it

Marketing is no more a new term for any Marketer. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Tiktok – the number of Social Media channels have also increased in the past few years, each of it distinctively different from other in terms of content formats, audience behaviour, thereby making it tough for Marketers to have a singular strategy and resource to handle it all.

As the cost of managing Marketing is growing many companies are often found abandoning their presence on Social Media and allocating resources elsewhere. However, it needs to be understood that an abandoned Social Media presence or a ‘not up to date’ Social Media page is often more harmful than not having a page at all.

A not updated Social Media presence confuses the customer on the company’s current financial or business position whereas not having presence on any platform raises a doubt about the trustworthiness of the brand overall. So, how do you manage Social Media when you have limited resources and juggling between a lot of other tasks? The key lies in convincing yourself of its needs and strategizing the operation well.

Here are 5 tips to convince yourself on focusing back on your social media marketing and make it an integrated part of your digital marketing:

Your presence makes you social: Customers tend to feel more attached to your brands who have a presence on Social Media. They look at it being talking to them directly about products, services and issues. This makes the attachment strong and the brand following better. Talk to your customers openly, addressing their problems, replying to them – this builds on the trust and goes a long way to build their confidence in you.

Choose your presence carefully: You do not need to be on all platforms but wherever you are keep it updated. This way you will not burn out resources by spreading yourself too thin. Also note, posting the same creative on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn just for the sake of having a presence is not the right strategy. It often backfires and turns off users since each of these platforms have their own positioning.

Look at Social Media as a support to your SEO: It is no more a stand-alone marketing division. Links published on social media immediately after Publishing, improves their SEO boosting. If you are a business that publishes content, then this is a key imperative.

Create a calendar: Focus on special days, occasions and plan their content in advance. Greetings, Best Wishes are messages that can be created in advance and scheduled to be published. However, that cannot be your sole strategy but only a part of it.

Use a scheduler: Sometimes suing a scheduler to post your content is the best way to go about it especially when you have limited manpower behind the activity. Platforms like YouTube and Facebook have their content scheduling feature within the product itself. Other than that, there are multiple management tools available all of whom have a content scheduler integrated.