Frequently Asked Questions

Almost everyone wants to know about consumer preferences like –

  • What they consume and why they consume a product?
  • Usage and consumer preferences over other similar products?
  • Age and gender wise preferences and consumptions
  • Market Analysis and Growth Opportunities
  • Political Parties doing exit polls to know about their performance among public
  • Price points at which product can be sold as per consumer choice

You can share your thoughts to Researchers, and they can analyse the data and provide a meaningful report to companies. These companies based on your inputs can optimise their product or plan out a new product which can be useful for you.

  • Your inputs will be used for Market Research Analytics
  • Your can earn incentives by taking part in the surveys
  • No joining fees is required only take surveys and earn rewards
  • Easy pay-out using various methods like PayPal, Paytm, Bank Transfer etc.
  • You can spend your free time by taking surveys and earn extra money free of cost